"This Is Hearsay​.​" [Remastered Extended Edition]

by ByItsRightName

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ByItsRightName originally released their first full-length album in August of 2010. Entitled, "Hearsay.", it remains strong in sales and reviews. Debuting with ten honesty-laced songs of life, love, struggle, and the pursuit of identity. However, the band saw opportunities throughout the disc; many more bridges could be crossed with a couple of hard-worked hours remixing and remastering... and ultimately refining their sound.

What amounted in that is what you hear now. The band has completely remastered the sound of their first disc, giving it more intense power to deliver the transparent and unique lyrics in a more ear-pleasing way. It also sounds a heckuva lot more professional to boot.

As of Saturday, June Fourth, Two-Thousand-and-Eleven, ByItsRightName sincerely presents to you, a complete remake of their first album, complete with five additional bonus tracks, and all of the original cd and wallet art, plus much much more...
We present to you, "This Is Hearsay."


released June 4, 2011

Written, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Designed, Finalized and Officially Pimped by ByItsRightName.



all rights reserved


ByItsRightName Des Moines, Iowa

It all begins with a name.

Much more than a tag or a few letters strung together forming a word that best rings true to you, a name is an identity... calling... path... a road to self-discovery... and on it is the life of tribulation that only you can accept.

May the stories we tell of discovering the true identity in life aid your journey of learning to call everything ...

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Track Name: Wings Through The Fire
lyrics: J.Willis

I'm stuck in the past;
in a moment that never seems to stop.
This luck, it won't last
when I've relied on you for far too much.
I need to turn to something true. Can I count on you?

Are you enough?
For a moment - lost to misfortune
Are you enough?
To keep me warm - beneath the storm
Are you enough?
For a poor soul is lifted higher
On wings through the fire

Now, tell me have you seen a man who is lost
and losing control - as he loses it all?
He closes his eyes, as he lays...
breathing. and needing. nothing.
but the clothes on his back
and the love I seem to lack.

"Are You Enough?"
Track Name: The Replay
lyrics: J.Willis, R.Mathai, A.Enos

A simple man-made machine; Replaying her every "I-want-to-leave"
A chorus of angels in the foreground (as they begin to reach out)
Their mouths are shut up, and their doors are shut off,
you can't hear them as they scream

"Take your time" (you're breathing for this once)
"Raise your voice" (to the top of your lungs)
Scream out this pain, until no one remains.
And now you're mine.

Rewinding the tape back to start; Replaying the sound of her
still-beating heart.
And it resonates . . . As it dissapates . . .
And dilutes the tears, ringing out the fear
of the beautiful tone in His plea

"Take your time" (you're breathing for this once)
"Raise your voice" (to the top of your lungs)
Scream out this pain, until nothing remains.
And now you're mine.

Now the seconds wander off
as the healing rays of the sun peel back
the empty shell to save her from herself.

"Take your time" (and breathe Me in this once)
"Raise your voice" (to the top of your lungs)
Scream out your pain, and I will remain.
And now you're mine.
Track Name: Face-to-Face
lyrics: J.Willis, R.Mathai, A.Enos

I've broken every rule to lose myself from you
Tainted the image you made and covered it up in blue
You pretend it's a faithful sky and I'll fake out what's left
Mend my wounds and in due time, you're bleeding out the rest

Face-to-face, I lose my place
On gentle wings of grace You come
I'm not the same, in a blind man's faith
Your arms I'll find and make my home

You're taking Your sweetly with me and my disease
Not breaking promises easily, even on bended broken knee
You pretend it's the faith of a blind man that makes you whole
When you've seen it all along

When shadows come and shield the sun
I'll not be afraid.
I know the one who's overcome
The stone and grave.
These words can't simply stay
So let's help them find a way
Now lift, your voice,
And sing of the hope. Can you say,
"The Love You have will come my way?"

Face-to-face, I lose my place
Track Name: The Bearings
Lyrics: J.Willis

In the end, I don't want to say I've wasted my time
When the time comes, I'll realize I can't do this right

And I've forgotten what I've learned
I dropped all I had in mind
just for one more time.
and I thought this would be what I wanted.
I've been so blind to think it was
just what I had in mind.

I'm running down, these streets have been so empty
And I've run these miles, but this road is no guarantee
Can you see my legs are worn with every step I've taken?
My calloused soul, is deflecting things forsaken.

I'm telling you what I feel
Half the time it never comes out right
The other half never shows

I'm tried again...
But you just won't have it.
The only chance i'm given, i've blown.
Track Name: Gun
lyrics: S.Ites

And I fall
To my knees of sorrow
My knees of empty
Can you get me out
Can you break me out

And the gun
Is loaded. It is empty. I am broken now.
And the gun
Is killing me. It's mending. I am finally

And I know
That my strength is living on a lie
And I need
You to break me out and set me free

And bend my knee to the ground.

"I'm alive."
Track Name: Haste Makes Waste
lyrics: J.Willis

Then you'll curl your hair / But it's only waves.
You burned your neck / Tryin' to get them to stay,
Like the little black dress / You show off your curves,
You can't help but confess / You wore it much better,
When your motives were pure / And your conscious was clean,
Why can't you admit / You've accepted defeat.
They're laughing at you.

Then you'll walk back home / Though he offered you a ride.
But you have to go alone / Cause you're hurting inside.
You can't let happen / What you know is gonna happen.
No you can't fall in love / But you know it's gonna happen
Oh, no.

"Just take your time, one more time...
I promise it'll be worth your while.
Just take your time, one more time...
I promise I'll make it worth your while"

You arrived back home / You had a great night
But the bed's so cold / 'Cause you're dying inside.
You can't let happen / What you know is gonna happen.
No you can't fall in love / But you know it's gonna happen.
Track Name: Dignity Sky
lyrics: J.Willis

Slow down... There's no way I can keep track of it all.
The typewriter dings and the words that you sing
are scribbled like crayon on the wall.
Sentences, end-to-end, There's no way to convince them
The escape from it all, Through the cracks in the wall
A light shines through...

How do I seize the vision you project on my life?
and apply to the rest of those who contest?
...Those too busy to stand and fight?
Images, end-to-end, There's no way to convince them
The escape from it all,Through the cracks in the wall
A beam flows inside...

Are you too blind from your own life to see the true light?
Take what you need from the world and its greed,
and you forfeit the dignity sky.
It's been too long... spent lasting seconds in the dark
There's no meaning in repetitive things,
once the seconds slip into hours and...

Into years, end-to-end, There's no way to convince them
The escape from it all, The one true escape from it all
The light breaching the wall.
Track Name: Breaching The Wall
lyrics: J.Willis, R.Mathai, A.Enos

On all four sides, this place creating your curriculum;
The lessons in life, and things you shouldn't
have ever learned on your own,
but now this place, will teach to you behave,
And hold you down in a dead-weathered house,
where you silently learn not to shout,
And not to cry or laugh, digress,
or breathe in through your mouth.
When congestion sets in, the breathing prevented
dust flows eagerly, and particles you see
will cloud your vision, will clog your oxygen
Is it a shame in the way, that what you don't say
Converse, discuss, debate? disagree or disobey?
a simple situation or scenario ...in disgrace
a lession in the darkness of the heart
but the demons linger not in the dark
but within the tales that you tell
and between pages on the shelf
Lipless and scheming,
they're waiting and wishing to keep you anything but purged
Or removable, replacable, or reinstateable
but none can resist the urge
to remove yourself/to replace yourself
unashamedly step down from the shelf
and find that the answers or instructions to begin
are unsearchable solutions, that aren't even written
not in books, or scrolls, but the words within
are underneath the dust, the filthy clouds of sin
A telling tale of a fearful youth
Desperate to understand the differences through
a house of failure beneath roofs of regret and
the unmistakable power of the payable debt
Track Name: Inside
lyrics: J.Willis, R.Mathai, A.Enos

Tuck me, in tightly, O shining stars
Brightly, and warmer, you keep me now

Find me, here dreaming, O beauty of night
Hold me, and keep me, closely inside...
the light cannot stay
Can you stay?

Fight for me, so princely, and yours I may be... she says
sweetly, I'm wishing, and praying I'll be
and forever you're mine
Can you stay?

We'll run through fields of these stars
Which at night, once kept us warm,
They explode.
the path is clearer, every hour
tep at once, we'll walk together

Can you stay? can you stay?
Can you say (I do)? can you Stay?

Tuck me, in tighly, O Beauty of Night
Hold me, and keep me, safely inside.
Track Name: All This Because
lyrics: J.Willis

Breathless... You've stolen the very air I breathe.
Speechless... You've left me with no words to say.

Now You're the air in my lungs,
Now You're the speech to my tongue.
Now You teach me to live, to become.
To die to myself, and to love.
To live well in Your light and Your mystery.
Solving the puzzles within me...
All this because ...You love me.

Allowing my heart to be tied to Your hands.
And somehow Your strength it refines the strands.

Now You're tugging clear of the sin.
Now You're pulling me in,
Now You teach me to live, to become.
To die to myself, and to love.
To live well in Your light and Your mystery.
Solving the puzzles within me...
All this because ...You love me.

I'm just writing what my heart wants to say,
and sometimes that's the hardest way.
I want You to know I'm sincere, As Your love is meeting me here.
Say you will steal my heart
Now You stretch out your arms, Now You were never so far,
Track Name: [Bonus Track] Feel Alive
lyrics: J.Willis

You thought your Strength wed with Patience,
but flirted with Desire.
Ran away to Cheat on weekends,
left Sundays to Admire.
Week to month, you come undone, with quality Assurance.
These next few trials, you'll qualify, a sense of Perseverance.

But have you ever felt Alive? Alive will feel you back.
If moves are chosen right; with Guise, Review, and Tact.
And if your kind, she'll let you in for tea and friendly chat.
For when the time is right, you'll know just how to act.

Perverted thoughts may clot your mind,
blocking from the start
of Honesty and Chivalry from
charging strong the heart.
And catalyst the dirty mouths in deathly calming tones,
A chilling chorus, amplified, cuts clean to the bone.(hold notes...)

And ((Sin))... will you find this unarmed dying ((man))
And mend him, close the wounds, bleeding out the ((Damned))
Stitching shut with the sting of burning ((Shame))
or allow the Truth to show the ruthless Hurt
that preludes the Pain... he'll come to befriend as he waits.
To wed the groom, His Strength, to the glory of Her Name.

And when you feel Alive, Alive will feel you back.
She'll give you Hope in sight - to show you what you lack.
And when you know Alive, Alive will know you back.
Your face upon a thousand - she'll choose behind her back.
And when you love Alive, Alive will love you back.
For when the time is right - you'll know just how to act.

I came to my senses a little while ago
Won't you let me in, no one needs to know.
The rain on my skin, the food in my soul
Won't you let me in, no one needs to know.
Track Name: [Bonus Track] Toward The Sunset
lyrics: J.Willis

She's taken an early train
Riding off into the sun
I'm left here in the rain
I thought I'd be the one
riding off with you

towards the sunset
run from ones that
say we cannot be.

Sooner or later she'll come back
to save us from dispair
I'm emptier in ways that
I never thought I'd bear
I am here for you
running hard

towards the sunset
run from ones that
say we cannot be.
say we cannot be.
I won't believe a word you say
say we cannot be.
I've promised you to stay
And I stay.
Track Name: [Bonus Track] The Painful Season
lyrics: J.Willis

The snow outside seals this place
He closes his eyes, to dream of her face
A painful eve, his wrapping is torn
His body is cold, his heart losing warmth
Thoughts of a girl bring peace to his soul
Widen his eyes and shut out the cold
He opens the door to let in the freeze
With snow blocking stars, it gets hard to

Breathe out, breathe in
Breathing can only do within
The painful season
Breathing of you, the only reason I live.

Living each night as it passes him by
can get so hard with the yuletide high
Carolers haunt him during the day
with dreadful songs of riding in sleighs
and snuggling close to a cup and a friend
it's only a dream, but dreams do they end
When he sleeps all day, awaiting a gift
When she will say, "I am your wish...

...Come true," come true
I've wished and I've wished and I am waiting for you
The painful season
Wishing of you, the only reason I live.
I live...

I live through the night, breathe through the day
but barely become the man destiny, fate,
and God Himself has chosen for you
chosen by you
chosen with you (to live...)x4

Live day, live night
Living while seconds are passing them by
The painful season
Breathing of you, the only reason I
Wishing of you, the only reason I
Living of you, the only r eason I live
Track Name: [Bonus Track] A Summer Curfew [Moonspell Beach Demo]
lyrics: J.Willis

Their doors are shut, but their eyes are open
'cuz summer's got them caught up within
Peer Pressure's knot, is tied up around their hearts...
and it's not letting go.
'Til the crack of dawn, let's forget the day
that will take us on, the scene that we play
in our minds, the moon, has got us under her spell...
and she's not letting go.

we brace for the worst,
we hope for the best.
but this stupid curse grips me tighter-and-tighter.
So what's the worst
that can happen?
it's only the night.

You've got to be home by twelve.
but your friends all tell you you're fine.
Your parents will all give you hell.
but her hands are getting so tighter-and-tighter.
And ever since the moonlight fell,
you've fallen up to the stars, so further-and-further.
It's okay since you've told yourself,
it's just you. your friends. and the summer...
you feel just fine.

The stars are out, and their light is blinding- makes
me want to shout for this freedom i'm finding.
A summer with no curfew would be so grand...
but it's not letting go.
'til the crack of dawn, I'll feel this free
that will make me stay in her arms 'til the day
in our hearts, time may never catch us again...
but it's not letting go!

take your time, as long as you've got it.
hold it tight before summer steals it away.
like a thief in the night, you thought you had it,
but it was never yours anyway.