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... On Purpose.


lyrics: J.Willis

You thought your Strength wed with Patience,
but flirted with Desire.
Ran away to Cheat on weekends,
left Sundays to Admire.
Week to month, you come undone, with quality Assurance.
These next few trials, you'll qualify, a sense of Perseverance.

But have you ever felt Alive? Alive will feel you back.
If moves are chosen right; with Guise, Review, and Tact.
And if your kind, she'll let you in for tea and friendly chat.
For when the time is right, you'll know just how to act.

Perverted thoughts may clot your mind,
blocking from the start
of Honesty and Chivalry from
charging strong the heart.
And catalyst the dirty mouths in deathly calming tones,
A chilling chorus, amplified, cuts clean to the bone.(hold notes...)

And ((Sin))... will you find this unarmed dying ((man))
And mend him, close the wounds, bleeding out the ((Damned))
Stitching shut with the sting of burning ((Shame))
or allow the Truth to show the ruthless Hurt
that preludes the Pain... he'll come to befriend as he waits.
To wed the groom, His Strength, to the glory of Her Name.

And when you feel Alive, Alive will feel you back.
She'll give you Hope in sight - to show you what you lack.
And when you know Alive, Alive will know you back.
Your face upon a thousand - she'll choose behind her back.
And when you love Alive, Alive will love you back.
For when the time is right - you'll know just how to act.

I came to my senses a little while ago
Won't you let me in, no one needs to know.
The rain on my skin, the food in my soul
Won't you let me in, no one needs to know.


from "This Is Hearsay​.​" [Remastered Extended Edition], released June 4, 2011
Written, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Produced, and Prepared Fresh Daily by ByItsRightName.



all rights reserved


ByItsRightName Des Moines, Iowa

It all begins with a name.

Much more than a tag or a few letters strung together forming a word that best rings true to you, a name is an identity... calling... path... a road to self-discovery... and on it is the life of tribulation that only you can accept.

May the stories we tell of discovering the true identity in life aid your journey of learning to call everything ...

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