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... On Christmas.


lyrics: J.Willis

The snow outside seals this place
He closes his eyes, to dream of her face
A painful eve, his wrapping is torn
His body is cold, his heart losing warmth
Thoughts of a girl bring peace to his soul
Widen his eyes and shut out the cold
He opens the door to let in the freeze
With snow blocking stars, it gets hard to

Breathe out, breathe in
Breathing can only do within
The painful season
Breathing of you, the only reason I live.

Living each night as it passes him by
can get so hard with the yuletide high
Carolers haunt him during the day
with dreadful songs of riding in sleighs
and snuggling close to a cup and a friend
it's only a dream, but dreams do they end
When he sleeps all day, awaiting a gift
When she will say, "I am your wish...

...Come true," come true
I've wished and I've wished and I am waiting for you
The painful season
Wishing of you, the only reason I live.
I live...

I live through the night, breathe through the day
but barely become the man destiny, fate,
and God Himself has chosen for you
chosen by you
chosen with you (to live...)x4

Live day, live night
Living while seconds are passing them by
The painful season
Breathing of you, the only reason I
Wishing of you, the only reason I
Living of you, the only r eason I live


from "This Is Hearsay​.​" [Remastered Extended Edition], released June 4, 2011
Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered, and Grilled to Perfection by ByItsRightName.



all rights reserved


ByItsRightName Des Moines, Iowa

It all begins with a name.

Much more than a tag or a few letters strung together forming a word that best rings true to you, a name is an identity... calling... path... a road to self-discovery... and on it is the life of tribulation that only you can accept.

May the stories we tell of discovering the true identity in life aid your journey of learning to call everything ...

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