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... On Breaking Norms.


lyrics: J.Willis, R.Mathai, A.Enos

On all four sides, this place creating your curriculum;
The lessons in life, and things you shouldn't
have ever learned on your own,
but now this place, will teach to you behave,
And hold you down in a dead-weathered house,
where you silently learn not to shout,
And not to cry or laugh, digress,
or breathe in through your mouth.
When congestion sets in, the breathing prevented
dust flows eagerly, and particles you see
will cloud your vision, will clog your oxygen
Is it a shame in the way, that what you don't say
Converse, discuss, debate? disagree or disobey?
a simple situation or scenario ...in disgrace
a lession in the darkness of the heart
but the demons linger not in the dark
but within the tales that you tell
and between pages on the shelf
Lipless and scheming,
they're waiting and wishing to keep you anything but purged
Or removable, replacable, or reinstateable
but none can resist the urge
to remove yourself/to replace yourself
unashamedly step down from the shelf
and find that the answers or instructions to begin
are unsearchable solutions, that aren't even written
not in books, or scrolls, but the words within
are underneath the dust, the filthy clouds of sin
A telling tale of a fearful youth
Desperate to understand the differences through
a house of failure beneath roofs of regret and
the unmistakable power of the payable debt


from "This Is Hearsay​.​" [Remastered Extended Edition], released June 4, 2011
Written, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Faces Melted by ByItsRightName.



all rights reserved


ByItsRightName Des Moines, Iowa

It all begins with a name.

Much more than a tag or a few letters strung together forming a word that best rings true to you, a name is an identity... calling... path... a road to self-discovery... and on it is the life of tribulation that only you can accept.

May the stories we tell of discovering the true identity in life aid your journey of learning to call everything ...

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